Basics of Fitness Routine: 3 Components of Fitness

This post is about how you should go about your fitness routine. We will mainly discuss the basic components comprising the fitness routine. There are a lot of misconceptions in this space. For instance, people who hit the gym seldom get out of it for fitness exercises. Similarly, the ones who are into cardio seldom develop liking for the gym.

Even more so, there are Yoga lovers, who despise the gym. Most of the ideas people have, concerning with fitness protocol are one dimensional. You need to come into realization of the need for multi-faceted fitness routine, which ideally should be the norm. Understanding the multiple components of fitness goes a long way towards getting fit.

Three components of fitness

There are mainly three components of fitness – cardio-vascular, resistance or strength training and flexibility training. All of these three components need to be inculcated into your routine. You are more injury prone, when you miss out on any of the components.

  • Cardio-vascular is well known to the general audience. The exercises include treadmills, cycling, running, swimming, skipping and more. Cardio workouts increase your blood oxygen levels and enhance immunity. These exercises prepare your body for other workouts you are going to indulge into.

  • Strength training is something we all love to do. Most of us love to hit the gym, lift weights and pump iron. For starters, these exercises and workouts increase your muscle mass. In effect, it decreases your fat percentage as well. In addition, strength training increases your bone density. Overall, everything from your stature to skeletal structure to functionally improves due to weight training. You can involve dumbbells, barbells, free weights and any equipment of your choice.

  • Flexibility and balance training is crucial to avoid injuries in joints and softer muscle tissues. Exercises include dynamic stretching, static stretching and Yoga. There is lot to what meets the eye when it comes to flexibility training. In fact, being fit is mostly about being flexible. It makes you sweat a lot more than the rest. Ultimately, the key is to push hard.

Recommended frequency of exercising

How often is too often?

You do not have to address all fitness components of fitness every day. At the least, commit to fitness component once a week. Repeating it twice or thrice is healthy for an active individual. For a model or bodybuilder, he/she has to inculcate all three components for more than 5 days a week.

Nevertheless for an active healthy individual, one can afford the body to rest for 3-4 days a week. Doing fitness exercises and workouts twice of three a week, is good enough for just about anyone. Consult with your doctor or physician, if you are suffering from severe medical conditions.

How hard is too hard?

Doing exercises for 45-90 minutes, belongs in the healthy range. Nevertheless, if you cannot even afford 30 minutes, still do 5-10 minutes of exercises. Every bit of moving around translates into health benefits. Chip in a few less strenuous exercises for a relaxing cool down.