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5 Reasons Why Your Workouts Aren’t “Working Out!”

1. Change the routine! Are you using the same program, doing the same type of exercise for several months? If you want to transform yourself, then change the type of training, the intensity, the mode, and the frequency. If, for example, you are training with the same equipment, use therapy and medicine balls or body weight; if you are working at a moderate intensity, speed it up a bit—rest less in between sets or perform your exercises as part of an interval, mixing up cardio exercise with weight training. And, if weight loss is your goal, you may need to walk, run, bike or move those large muscle groups for more than 30 minutes twice a week. You may need to increase to 45 minutes four times a week!

2. Eat small portions of protein with your veggies and whole grains several times a day! Seeing a visible change in your exercise progress starts with good nutrition. If you want “tone” or “muscle,” then you need to eat healthy. Too often, clients come in to train “fuel-deprived” and their workouts suffer. They become tired, their blood sugar drops, and their performance is not optimal. Food is not the enemy! Food choice and portion size are! Good sportwears are recommended.

3. Be Consistent! You can’t expect positive change if you start an exercise program, stop, and start again. If this is something you value, if this is a real goal that has real value, establish the time to workout out consistently. Write down the time you will work out in your daily planner, and do it! You will feel better, more productive, less stressed, and best of all, look great!

4. Write down your goals and change them often! As with your business goals, your personal goals should include a plan of action for your healthy lifestyle. Read them daily, commit them to memory; but after several months, change them. Your goals should be realistic so that within several months, you reach the first goal and move on to the next!

5. Rest and Recover! Working out is hard! Building strength and endurance requires pushing past our comfort zones and experiencing discomfort. Some of us quit, however, before the obvious benefit kicks in. Or, some of us work out so hard, so often that we forget that rest and recovery is key to making physical changes. Interval training is one way to rest when exercising—do short-to-moderate periods of exertion alternated with short-to-moderate periods of rest or reduced effort.

Taking a week vacation and completely changing your exercise routine is another way to rest and recover from your workouts.…